A selection of airdrops and raffles for 03/28/2023

A selection of airdrops and raffles for 03/28/2023. Wemix, SpaceFi, Talken.

These are all promising, or projects with a theoretically not bad future. Participation in each raffle takes a few minutes, and most of the prizes can be interesting NFTs, or Whitelist or their cryptocurrencies or dollars. So, at the moment, I am participating in the airdrop of the following new projects:

  • Wemix;
  • SpaceFi;
  • Talken

1. AirDrop by Wemix and NEITH

$30,000 from Wemix × NEITH

Wemix is a game service based on the blockchain, many play2earn games are created on its basis.

AirDrop by Wemix and NEITH

What need to do?

  1. Go here;
  2. Perform tasks;
  3. Specify the address of the Wemix wallet.

There is no refferal in glim, so everyone has equal chances.


  • Top 1600 will receive 10 wemix ~ $15 each
  • Top 40 will receive 100 wemix ~ $150 each.

End: April 2

2. zkSync is an exclusive SpaceFi badge

SpaceFi is Dex on zkSync, to celebrate the transition from the testnet to the mainnet, the team launched an exclusive badge for users participating in the latest SpaceFi testnet.

zkSync is a SpaceFi exclusive badge

What need to do?

  1. Fill in the gleam, and specify metamask;
  2. Swap test tokens on SpaceFi (if you do not have a zkSync Era test network, add them on Chainlist);
  3. Go to Galxe and take the icon (you need to wait until they update the data, they do it manually).

End: March 31

3. Giveaway for $20k from the Talken wallet

Let’s abuse the $20k giveaway from the Talken wallet.

Talken is a multichain NFT Suite and just a convenient wallet. They recently launched a giveaway with a prize pool of $20k. Subscribers on Twitter: Gate, APENFT, iExec, Probit Global, Ceras Ventures, BKEX, DeFine Platform and many others.

$20k giveaway from Talken wallet

What need to do?

  1. Go to the site and download the wallet;
  2. Go to it and click on the quest banner;
  3. Perform tasks;
  4. Go to the form, complete social tasks and read more about the event.

The project should pay because their token is traded on good exchanges. They also have quite a few big-name influencers in their subscriptions. I advise you to hurry, the pool can be dismantled very quickly.

End: April 6.

Information about other and previous airdrops and raffles at the link.

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