A selection of airdrops and raffles for 03/31/2023

A selection of airdrops and raffles for 03/31/2023. Mathverse, Candy Pocket, Dimensionals.

These are all promising, or projects with a theoretically not bad future. Participation in each raffle takes a few minutes, and most of the prizes can be interesting NFTs, or Whitelist or their cryptocurrencies or dollars. So, at the moment, I am participating in the airdrop of the following new projects:

  1. Mathverse;
  2. Candy Pocket;
  3. Dimensionals.
  1. $50-500 on free mint from Mathverse.

The project has announced a new Mathverse cube NFT collection, there will be 900 winners in total.

The first collection of lands is traded with a floor of 0.37 $BNB (~$120), the trading volume is ~1750 $BNB.

$50-500 in free mint from Mathverse.

What need to do?

  1. Go here
  2. Connect the wallet
  3. Complete the task
  4. Click “Participate”

End: April 12.

The mint will be on April 12, the public – on April 13.

2. CandyPocket Mining

This site/app provides an opportunity to win Candy Tokens daily for all users. The program itself resembles the same Bondex, but at an earlier stage. It turns out that they have been developing all this time and their tokens will be listed on June 1 of this year.

CandyPocket Mining

What need to do?

  • Go to the link
  • Registering
  • Go to your account
  • Press Run/Start Mining (and don’t forget to keep pressing)
  • Look forward to further updates

Since the project has a huge and active community, it is quite likely that the listing can be successful.

End: TBA, but June 1 listing.

3. Receive up to $500 from the Dimensional

Previously, the Dimensionals project did WL on FREE NFT and it showed a decent result, now the floor on it is 2.3 ETH.

Receive up to $500 from the Dimensional

What need to do?

  1. Go to the link
  2. Connect the metamask
  3. Do the task

End: TBA

I advise you not to skip.

Information about other and previous airdrops and raffles at the link.

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