A selection of airdrops and raffles for 11/11/2022

A selection of airdrops and raffles for 11/11/2022. GALAXY FINANCE, Gummys, Math Wallet.

These are all promising, or projects with a theoretically not bad future. Participation in each raffle takes a few minutes, and most of the prizes can be interesting NFTs, or Whitelist or their cryptocurrencies or dollars. So, at the moment, I am participating in the airdrop of the following new projects:

  • Gummys;
  • Math Wallet.

1. Receive ~50$ from Galaxy Finance

Galaxy is a new generation Web 3.0 wallet with educational and social elements.


What need to do?

  • Go here;
  • Perform tasks (Twitter, Telegram, etc.);
  • Wait for announcements.

There will be 600 winners in total, the token is already on CMC. Listing is promised soon on PancakeSwap (starting price $1.25).

The project is verified by the CertiK audit, it can be abused, the chances are good.

End: the glim says December 18th, but the rules also say until November 18th, so it’s better to hurry.

2. Fill out the award-winning Waitlist from Gummys

Gummys is a community-supported Web3 streaming platform based on Livepeer’s Polygon Filecoin Lens Protocol. Chainlink hackathon prize winner. A whitelist with a prize pool of $1 million in project tokens is currently underway.

Award-winning Waitlist by Gummys

What need to do?

  • Go to the site
  • Enter your Polygon address and email address
  • Complete the task

Very interesting project, mandatory participation. You can abuse by inviting your other accounts.

End: at the end of December.

3. Receive ~$20 in free mint passes from Math Wallet x BNB CHAIN

Math Wallet is a multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet that supports 70 different blockchains. They are currently holding a raffle to free-mint their passes.

Free NFT from Math Wallet x BNB CHAIN

What need to do?

  • Go here
  • Connect the wallet (metamask is possible)
  • Follow Math and BNB on Twitter Connect with Twitter
  • Confirm the mail (if you haven’t received it from Twitter)

There will be a total of 5,000 winners who can replace the free NFT, which is quite a lot. I advise you to abuse this topic to the fullest, the exhaust will be good 100%.

End: November 16

Information about other and previous airdrops at the link.

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