AltLayer testnet: phase 1

Testnet AltLayer: phase 1. Guide how to perform testnet AltLayer: phase 1. All activities in AltLayer + campaign on Galxe. Altitude Phase I campaigns.

AltLayer is a no-code Rollup provider for Web3. In short, it’s Layer2, which promises fast transaction speeds and cheap fees.

AltLayer testnet: phase 1

The project raised $7.2 million from PolyChain Capital, Jump Crypto and other funds. The project is followed by a large number of influencers, representatives from other funds. The ALTITUDE testnet campaign is currently underway in the project. And you can also get NFT in Galxe.

What need to do?

  1. Add Sepolia and AltLayer networks.
  2. Get test tokens and NFTs in faucets:
Faucet MSNFT
Faucet with test tokens

  1. Go to the bridge and select the Sepolia network in the upper right corner. Next, specify the amount and make a deposit (bridge) of ETH, MSEQ, MSNFT. In the same way, then withdraw part of these tokens in the Withdraw tab. In this way, we test all functions several times.
Token bridge
  1. Go to the quest page in Galxe;
Galxe AltLayer
  1. At this point, the first 3 tasks should have already been completed by actions earlier. Therefore, we perform only the last 3 tasks with social networks and wait 1-2 days for confirmation of the first tasks. After that, don’t forget to take the NFT.

End: June 30.

It is important to note that the project previously distributed 400 NFTs, which currently have a floor of 2.4 ETH. There was also a collection mint for 0.08 ETH, now the price is 0.6 ETH. It is clear that there will be no such rewards for this activity, but it is worth taking part. Especially considering not much time spent and test tokens.

AltLayer Testnet Overall Score: Phase 1:

You need:

  • Time5-10 minutes
  • Costs: 0.1-0.2 ETH in Sepolia test tokens.
  • Difficultyeasy

My rating: 8/10, you have to try to pass. It is clear that there will not be such rewards as were distributed before, but it is quite possible to get something nice, and taking into account the time spent and costs only in test tokens, it is worth participating.

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