AltLayer testnet: phase 2

Testnet AltLayer: phase 2. Guide how to perform testnet AltLayer: phase 2. All activities in AltLayer + campaign on Galxe. Altitude Phase 2 campaigns: Beacon Layer and Rollup Staking.

Continuation of “AltLayer Testnet: Phase 1“. The first part talked about the project and the bridge of their tokens from the Sepolia network. And also the passage of Galxe. This time it will be necessary to stake test tokens on the site and delegator. And also, as last time, you will need pass Galxe.

Altitude Phase 2: Beacon Layer and Rollup Staking.

What need to do?

  1. Add Sepolia and AltLayer networks.
  2. Get test tokens and NFTs in faucets:
Faucet MSNFT
Faucet with test tokens

  1. Go to the beacon faucet and take tokens
  2. Go to the site, select a delegator, and stake tokens.
Choice of validator
Validator token staking

  1. Exchange Sepolia ETH for WETH here.
Swap ETH -> WETH
  1. Go to the site and stake tokens.
Selection of nodes for staking
WETH staking

  1. Go to Discord, get the role of Alters.
  2. Switch to Galxe, perform the remaining tasks and mint NFT.

End: June 30th.

AltLayer Testnet Overall Score: Phase 2 Beacon Layer and Rollup Staking:

You need:

  • Time5-10 minutes
  • Costs: 0.1-0.2 ETH in Sepolia test tokens.
  • Difficultyeasy

My rating: 8/10, you have to try to pass. Like the previous one, it is worth going through taking into account the cost of time/tokens.

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