CloudBase testnet on the Base network

A promising CloudBase testnet on the Base network. Guide how to pass CloudBase testnet on the Base network

CloudBase is a decentralized service that is created to supply liquidity and swaps in the Base network. With its help, you can exchange cryptocurrency on the Base network, as well as create liquidity pools. The project has now launched a simple testnet that will allow us to increase activity in the Base blockchain.

Testnet from CloudBase

What need to do?

1. Go to CloudBase


2. Test all possibilities, namely:

  1. Connect through metamask
  2. Make several swaps with different pairs of tokens. For example: ETH / CLOUD, ETH / USDC, ETH / USDT.
  3. Create liquidity, edit liquidity, and delete liquidity.

3. Go to Guild, and get different roles if possible.

Guild CloudBase

End: unknown.

Overall testnet score from CloudBase:

  • Approximate time to complete: 4-5 minutes.
  • Costs: Test Tokens 0.01-0.02.
  • Difficulty: EASY.

My rating: 6/10, Testnet is built on Base, takes 4-5 minutes. After passing it, we increase the activity in the Base network, so it is worth going through it. On the downside, the project looks raw, so don’t expect much from it. You can also go through the GUILD, subscribe to social networks, because from time to time there is a raffle of various NFTs.

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