Earnings by boosting Steam accounts

Earnings by boosting Steam accounts possible only in rated games. A high level in a certain game is also a very important requirement. Depending on the games, the requirements may vary. In general, the greater your game skill and rating, the more you will earn, or be able to earn.

These accounts are needed by people who cannot raise their rating on their own due to various factors (they play on supports and not much depends on them, or they simply think that they are in some hidden pool). There is also the option that there is not much time, but you want to play with stronger players. In fact, this is a negative thing for people’s gameplay. Because in most cases, the person who orders a boost will only ruin the games. But nevertheless, for players who play a lot, it is a way to earn money.

Where to get an order?

Boosting services are now very relevant and are quite widely represented on various platforms. For example, this article will consider 3 ways to get an order in the game Dota2, namely:

  1. Funpay
  2. Anylvl
  3. Dota2boost


The first example is the Funpay service for selling accounts and game items. There are many different services available to choose from, in addition to a direct boost, you can also carry out calibration, engage in coaching, battle pass and much more. As for boosting specifically, it is necessary to have an account with a high rating, at least +1000 relative to the one you can or want to boost. That is, if you have 7,000, you can successfully and calmly raise up to 5,500-6,000. Likewise, if you have 4,000, you can raise up to 3,000, and sometimes 3,500. As for prices, everything depends on the rating on which the games will be played. In general, this is about a dollar per game won on a low rating (up to 4000) and about 2-3 on a high one (more than 5500). As with the method of selling games, in order to receive the first paid orders, you should first get a little good reviews. Because no one will want to order from accounts with a low rating.

Examples of prices on the Funpay website


The next service is the Anylvl service. Here you can essentially get a job as a booster. And 50% of the order will go to you, and 50% to the service for finding customers. Of the positive things, you don’t need to look for anyone and there will always be accounts for boosting. Also, one of the positive things is the fairly low entrance threshold for the cliff, namely, only 4000 mmr is needed to start boosting. The negative side can still be attributed to the fact that you give half of the income to the service.

The price is 1000 mmr in the Anylvl service

It is also possible to order in rubles here. Therefore, the earnings can potentially be even lower. Since the price for the same order in rubles and dollars is significantly different. $65 = roughly 3,700 rubles at the moment, versus just 3,000 rubles.

Price for 1000 mmr in rubles

Dota2 boost

The third possible service is Dota2boost. The service is very similar to Anylvl, but there is a higher entrance threshold for boosters. Namely, you need an account of at least 6000 mmr. Similarly, the income is somewhat higher, due to the higher price of orders. However, the continuity of orders compared to the previous service may not be possible.

The price of 1000 mmr for dota2 boost

In addition to those listed, there are also many platforms for each game, such as CS:GO. Therefore, if necessary and of great skill, you can find a service for your needs, the main thing is only desire and a lot of time for games.


The possible earnings for boosting Steam accounts depends on the game, order and rating. In general, with a full-time job, you can earn up to $20-$30 per day, but it is more likely to earn about $10. For people who already play dota or ks all day, this is not a bad way to make money. It is also possible to improve your income by combining all three methods. For example, make the main income directly through Funpay, promote the account there a little bit, since all the money from there goes directly to you. At the same time, you can also work at two other sites, so that when there is no order, there is always at least some work.

Other earnings on Steam.

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