Earnings from selling Steam accounts

Earnings from selling Steam accounts is the sale of the corresponding accounts depending on many possible parameters. Among these parameters, the following are important:

  • account age;
  • number of games;
  • the quality of the games (how expensive and popular are the games on the account);
  • quality and price of items from various games;
  • rating and number of hours in certain games.

In most cases, the sale takes place as a result of the transfer of account and mail data to the new owner and after unlinking the account from the mobile phone. It is also necessary that the phone is disconnected from the mail.

What are the prices for accounts?

Prices for accounts are very different. They can start from a few cents and end up with several thousand dollars. The cheapest are newly created accounts without games, or with free games in which there is no inventory and rating in these games.

To roughly estimate the value of your account, you can use these services:

Of course, these prices will show a very approximate cost and it is unlikely that someone will buy your account for the full amount. For this, it will be necessary to estimate the real demand and market prices for approximately the same accounts.

Where and how to sell accounts?

To find out the real prices, you can use the Funpay service and its Steam accounts section. Here you can use the search and find an account similar to yours by games, level, hours and other parameters.

Examples of selling accounts in the Funpay service

A good part of such earnings can be the sale of Steam accounts with a high rating in a certain game. For example, with a high rank in Dota2 or CS:GO. In order to estimate their value, you can also use Funpay, or other sites selling accounts, such as Anylvl. Links to the sale of Dota2 accounts and CS:GO accounts. You can read the current prices for various ratings on the website. However, you can see approximate prices for reference on the screenshot below.

Approximate prices for selling your account to the Anylvl service

Considering that it is possible to sell an account with 0 steam level, without games and so on, the prices are still good. In fact, the price of such accounts on the market is about 1.5-2 times higher, so if you have clients, it is better to sell directly, and not to such services. However, if you don’t want to worry about looking for a client, then selling to such services is a good idea.


Earnings from selling Steam accounts is good for gamers who play a lot of ranked games such as Dota2 or CS:GO, as well as for collectors of games that no longer want to play them. The rest of the people, it is possible to find a better way to earn money in Steam.

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