EigenLayer testnet

Testnet EigenLayer. Guide how to pass the EigenLayer testnet. Step-by-step instructions for passing the testnet from EigenLayer.

EigenLayer is a project that is a protocol that includes Ethereum and allows dApps and networks to use restaking to improve security. Solves a lot of problems and helps grow the ecosystem by increasing the value of ETH.

In total, the project was able to attract about $65 million. investments from such funds as DragonFly, PolyChain Capital, Paradigm, Electric Capital, etc.

The other day, they announced the first stage of the testnet, which supports liquid and native restaking. So, detailed instructions for passing this testnet:

1. Receive test ETH tokens.

Go to the link, enter the wallet and pass the captcha, and wait for some test tokens to change. Then do not forget to press the claim button and pass the captcha again. There is also another faucet, it just requires you to log in and get tokens, but it doesn’t work more often than it does.

Goeril faucet

2. Staking test token ETH

Go to the site, stake ETH and receive rETH.

Staking ETH on Rocketpool

After that, add rETH to Metamask.

Successful staking + adding rETH

3. Send test tokens to the contract

Send some test tokens (eg 0.02-0.03 ETH) to at:


This is the contract address, so you will need to confirm in the metamask that you really want to send tokens to the contract address.

4. Staking in the Rocket and Lido pools.

Next, we go to the site, deposit tokens into the Rocket pools (tokens from our step 2) and Lido (tokens from our step 3). After that, we wait a little time and remove part of them from staking.

Staking in the Rocket and Lido pools.

5. Write feedback in Discord

Go to Discord and write feedback in the testnet-feedback section.

The approximate time of passing the testnet is 10 minutes.

Now there is a very large influx of participants, or simply very busy testnet networks, so gas is very expensive.

Therefore, the cost of the testnet: approximately 0.2 $ETH TEST TOKENS.

Also, because of such expensive gas, I advise you not to forget to farm and receive test tokens constantly every day. Because, you don’t know when they will be needed and in what quantities.

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