Free NFT Mint by FreeNFT

Free NFT Mint by FreeNFT. Guide how to get free NFT from FreeNFT. A step-by-step guide to NFT minting by FreeNFT. Free NFT on FreeNFT by Faraway.

FreeNFT is a service where you can participate in NFT draws from various projects. At the moment there are several sweepstakes and the newest one is Faraway.

Faraway is a game studio, a large number of influencers follow their Twitter, and all projects on FreeNFT come out with good Xs.

This game studio collected a total of $29 million in investments from Sequoia Capital, a16z, Solana Ventures, etc. Also, this NFT collection has a feature, NFT from it can be used in the game Mini Royale, etc.

Free NFT Faraway Mint by FreeNFT

What need to do?

  1. Go to the site;
  2. Perform tasks (following on Twitter, etc.);
  3. Waiting for the results.

Parameters of this mint:

  • Quantity: 888 NFT;
  • Price: free mint;
  • End: April 27.

In addition to this raffle, we also participate in the raffle of all other and subsequent mints. After all, the results of all collections from this project usually give many X(X5-X10). You can also try to abuse those who have a lot of Twitter accounts.

Other NFT sweepstakes from FreeNFT

How to view the results of past raffles?

Go to the site and see:

  • Not Selected – you were not selected
  • Selected – congratulations, you have been chosen!

Good investments and top funds. Also, NFT will be used in the game – all this gives us an understanding that the price will be sweet. It’s not to be missed, especially since it’s all free.

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