Guide to SEI for a complete beginner

Guide to SEI for a complete beginner. A general guide to SEI, how to understand what activities are in SEI for a complete beginner. What can be done in the SEI project?

What is Sei

Sei Network is a Tier 1 blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core. Sei is aimed at the DeFi market and is intended for trading. With its specialized built-in infrastructure, blockchain is ideal for DeFi due to order matching, anti-preemption protection, and multiple levels of order pooling. Investors include Multicoin Capital, Coinbase, Delphi Digital, Layer Zero, Step’n, and others. They also recently raised an additional $30 million in investment and the project is valued at $800 million in total.

Comparison of Sei Network with other blockchains.

As for the technical side, it is implemented in such a way that all transactions can take place in parallel, and not as in ether or bitcoin only one after another. The speed of transactions is also an advantage.

Where to start getting to know Sei

First of all, you should visit and subscribe to the social networks of the project. They already have a huge base of participants, namely:

At the moment, there are global 2 areas of what to do in the project:

  1. Just pass the testnet and all the tasks in it;
  2. Try to be active outside the testnet and participate in the ambassador program.

Of course, you can combine them, which I advise you to do, for a possible bigger reward later.

1. To pass the testnet, you will need:

  1. Install wallets: Leap, Keplr, Coin98 (only for 1 task). Create one account, and import the phrase to the rest of the wallets;
  2. Get test tokens;
  3. Go to the site and start completing the task.
Testnet missions

There will be a more detailed guide on how to complete all the tasks later.

How to participate in the SEI ambassador program

After getting acquainted and entering Discord, it is worth starting to communicate in chats (there are chats in many languages and a general one in English). There you can ask something or help others with answers. With the help of this communication, you get experience, which is translated into a level. Your role for activity in Discord depends on this level:

  • 0 level – sei-lors;
  • Level 5 – sei veterans;
  • 7th level – crew;
  • 10 level – sensei;
  • Level 15 – super seian.

Of all these roles, we are only interested in level 7 – crew. As this role provides an opportunity to apply for an officer role. To do this, you need to do at least 1 work about the Sei project. It may be:

  • informative post with a banner/picture;
  • infographics;
  • thread (sequence of tweets in one post);
  • funny memes
  • article (write an article on one of the relevant resources, for example, medium, and insert a link in the tweet);
  • full YouTube or short Tiktok video.

You can get materials for work here.

Then you need to post a link to this work on Twitter, having correctly formatted this tweet. The @SeiNetwork page must be tagged in the tweet. also, 2 of these tags to choose from: #sei #seilors #FastestLayer1. Then apply in the #Crew channel, which will open just when you get to level 7.

An example of a tweet for an ambassador program

After the inspection, which lasts about 5 days on average, a new #sei-daily channel is opened for officers. You will need to send links to all your work here. And access to the #officers channel is also opened, where you can communicate with other participating officers.

Project roles

To achieve certain roles you need:

  1. Seilor – anyone who is in Discord;
  2. Crew Member – Sailor who reached level 7;
  3. Officer – the best of the Crew Member, you need to do at least 1 job;
  4. Captain – the best of Officer, you need to do at least 5 different jobs within 1 month. And also be active in Discord.
  5. Major – the best with Captain, to be in close contact with officers and captains, to help and coordinate them. Do at least 5 jobs per month and continue to actively spend time in Discord.
  6. Colonel – the best of Major but is selected once every 3 months. Must perform all duties and have no comments during this time.
  7. Admiral – the best of the Colonel, so far there are none.


It is worth taking part in the project since it has collected quite a large amount of funding and has a huge base of fans and participants. also, it already has quite a lot of projects that can be tested and for which it is possible to get a retrodrop later. Taking into account that no investments are required, the time for passing the testnet is up to 30 minutes (if there are no lags). Also, for all those who want to try themselves in the embassy, this is a great way to try, because entering here is not difficult, you can start with only 1 article.

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