How much I earned on Gods unchained

How much I earned on Gods unchained? Subtleties of the referral program and the withdrawal of coins from Immutable. Short account statistics.

This article is a continuation and summary of how much money was earned from the referral program that was held in August in the Gods unchained project. Article about earning $GODS on the referral program. According to the terms of the program, it was necessary to reach only 3 levels, which was done in +- an hour of time. The account that invited and the account that passed to level 3 were supposed to receive 10 $GODS coins each.

As a result, I created about 70 accounts during this promotion. Of which I received coins for 38 of them.

It should be noted that I did not receive all of them at once. I received some part of what was supposed to go to the main account not immediately, but almost a week after I received the referrals on the accounts themselves.

The last part is for the referral program

The approach to implementation was different. Some of the accounts were with a proxy, some without. Likewise, some accounts simply reached level 3 and no more manipulations took place, others still logged in after a couple of days, in order to show some activity.

Brief statistics

So, regarding certain statistics that I derived for myself:

  • In total there were: about 70;

Reward received: 38 (54%) accounts = 760 $GODS, which brought about $250 at various sales rates.

From the awarded accounts:

  • 85% of accounts that logged in at least once a day in addition to receiving level 3 received an award;;
  • about 55% and 47% received an award with and without a proxy, so either it does not have much effect, or you need to constantly use different proxies, I got 3-4 accounts for one.

Withdrawal and exchange of coins

Regarding the withdrawal from the game and from Immutable, you can read a separate article at the link.

I used the Kucoin exchange to withdraw to the stock exchange, and already from it, after exchanging it for $BUSD, I transferred it to Binance.

Withdrawal to the Kucoin exchange


So, for earning in a little more than a week, it turned out not bad, although I expected more. Now this game has two new relevant methods of earning, namely playing every day and a new referral system, in which this time you need to reach level 6, which increases the time for passing 1 account by about 2-3 times. Is such an income relevant now? For some, of course, yes, for some no, it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. In any case, it is an interesting experience.

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