How to abuse the Sandbox correctly

In this article, you will learn how to abuse Sandbox correctly. Proxy settings. Change of IP address. Change hard drive serial number settings.

Many accounts – many browsers

The most convenient way to create and manage many browsers at the moment is Dolphin antidetect, for a more detailed understanding of how it works and how to use it, you can follow the link. For this method, we will assume that you are able to create a new account and connect a new IP address to it. After creating a new profile, you need:

  1. Go to your browser profile;
  2. Install the Metamask extension and create a new wallet or import an existing one;
  3. Enter/create mail;
  4. Log in/create Twitter;
  5. It is NOT REQUIRED to enter/create discord
  6. Go to the Sandbox site and register and download the game

Registering and downloading the game

To get started, you need to go to the Sandbox link and register (login via metamask).

Authorization through Metamask

Next, write your mail nickname, I advise you not to write nicknames such as qwerty1, 123123, zxc1, zxc2 and so on. Come up with unique nicknames and e-mails so as not to get banned on the chain. A window will appear from Metamask with confirmation of data binding to the wallet, we confirm it. Next, you need to set up with a password:

Set up password

After registration, you need to select the “Play” tab and click on the Download Alpha button. Next, choose your platform and download.

Selection of download platforms

After downloading, install and run. Log in to the account using the data entered earlier. If you plan to use more than 1 account, it is better not to check the save data check box.

Entering the game

The lobby is loading. Sometimes it can take a long time to download, also sometimes the servers are busy or you need to download a lot of files so it takes more time.

Downloading the game

If the game does not start or the screen is black, you need to go to the FAQ and solve the problem with a weak PC. Next, we return to the browser and go to the Alpha menu item or until it is not there, then Play.

Go to Play on the site

In it, go to the “play” tab, wait for the map to load and see which quests are currently available. Since season 3 hasn’t started yet, there are very few of them.

In order to connect to the map, you need to click on it and press the Play button at the bottom right.

Map selection

After that, give access to Google Chrome to launch this game


How to abuse accounts in Sandbox?

With the basics and the general setting everything. Now the game client has been downloaded, the main account has been created, and it is worth moving on to the main one, namely the abuse of a large number of accounts. To do this, you will need a proxy, a proxifier program and a “hard disk serial number changer” to change the HWID, that is, the serial number of the disk.

Changing the IP address for the Sandbox application

To begin with, you need to download proxifier, you can also from the official website, there is a trial period for 30 days, but for the full version, you can find registration codes on the Internet or simply use the code:



This program is needed to change the IP address for your entire computer, or as in our case, only for a certain program. You can buy a proxy wherever it is convenient for you, I personally used these services:

Then we do everything according to the screenshots:

1. Create a new profile for each of our accounts

Create a new profile for each of our accounts

2. In the profile, select the item profile>proxy servers

Adding a proxy

3. Fill in the previously purchased proxy:

  1. Entering the IP address;
  2. Entering the port;
  3. Select https;
  4. Check enable;
  5. Enter the login from the proxy;
  6. Enter the proxy password;
  7. Check whether the proxy is working;
  8. Press OK.

And press confirmation again when you want to create general or default rules.

How to fill out a new proxy

4. Change the rules for using the proxy, for this click profile>poxification rules

Proxy rules

5. Add a rule for the sandbox, for this set the parameters as in the screenshot, and click the add button.

Adding a new rule

6. Setting the rule. Enter a name for convenience (optional). And in the Actions field, select the added IP address from the list.

Configure the rule

But the main thing is to select the path to the launch file of your sandbox.exe in the applications menu.

Path to launch

This procedure will need to be done for each created account. And then you can switch between them as needed using the profile upload function.

Loading another profile

Change the serial number of the hard disk

Download hard disk serial number changer.

Hard Disk Serial Number Changer

Select the disk on which the serial number will be changed, randomly change the number according to the example on the screenshot, you can use all numbers from 0-9 and English capital letters A, B, C, D, E, F. You can change the serial number only if run the program as an administrator. After changing, SAVE the serial number you entered. Always use the corresponding serial numbers that were saved to it when starting a certain account. After that, you RELOAD the computer, it is important not to turn it off and on, but to reboot, then the serial numbers will change.

The general form of abuse preparation is as follows:

  1. Purchase of proxy;
  2. Creating a new Dolphin profile and launching it through a new IP address;
  3. Creation of a new Metamask, mail account, Sandbox account, and preferably a Twitter account (or purchase and login to them);
  4. Creating a new profile and rules in Proxifier;
  5. Changing the serial numbers of your drives;
  6. SAVE all data used (preferably in a Google spreadsheet for convenience);
  7. Restarting the computer;

The general appearance of the abuse itself is as follows:

  1. Launch the proxifier and the required account;
  2. launching dolphin and the corresponding account;
  3. launching the desired map through the site;
  4. passing the map with all the screens or whatever is needed;
  5. disabling IP, changing the serial number of the disk to the next account;
  6. restarting the computer.

Do all these actions with all your accounts. At a good pace, you can abuse 1 account in 10-15 minutes.

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