How to add different networks to Metamask

How to add different networks to Metamask? There are 2 ways to add different networks to Metamask. The first method is manual addition. The second method is with the help of the Chainlist service.

Adding a network manually

To add different networks to Metamask manually, you need to click on the drop-down list of networks in the wallet. Choose the one you need from this list, or if it is not there, click the add network button.

List of networks/add network

After that, you will need to enter all the network parameters, namely:

  • Network name
  • New RPC URL
  • Network ID
  • Currency Symbol
  • Explorer
Manual network settings

Where to get the values of all these parameters?

If you want to add some popular network such as BNB(BSC), Polygon, Fantom and others, you can search for these parameters in Google or use the notebook at the bottom of the article with the relevant parameters of popular networks.

Adding an AVAX (Avalanche) network

After entering all the parameters, press the “Save” button. The entire network has been successfully added and you can use it.

List with new network

Networking via Chainlist

Connecting popular networks through the Chainlist service is easier and more convenient. To do this, you just need to go to this service.

Chainlist service

Click the “Connect Wallet” button and connect your metamask wallet. Next, select the network you are interested in or search for it. Click the “Add To Metamask” button and confirm it in Metamask by clicking “Approve”.

Add chain by Chainlink

In just a few clicks, you’ve added a network to Metamask. The only drawback of this method is that not all networks are available in this service. Especially new ones that have just been created, or some testnet networks may not be displayed here, so they need to be added manually.

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Notebook with networks for manual connection

All the listed networks will go in this format:

  • Network name
  • New RPC URL
  • Network ID
  • Currency Symbol
  • Explorer
  • Binance Smart Chain або BSC;
  • 56
  • BNB
2. Polygon
3. Avalanche
4. Optimistic Ethereum
5. Arbitrum One
6. Aurora Network
7. BitTorrent
8. Cronos
9. Harmony
10. Fantom Opera
11. Polis
12. Aquachain
13. Celo
14. Aurora
15. TomoChain
16. Moonriver
17. Theta
18. Callisto
19. RSK
20. EOS
21. OKEx Chain
22. Huobi ECO (HECO)

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