How to analyze cryptocurrency tokens

How to analyze cryptocurrency tokens. 5 main aspects to analyze any token for a beginner.

Very often, investors (or hamsters) lose on the crypto market due to poor analysis. People are afraid to make decisions about buying/selling assets, so they try to shift the responsibility to a certain channel or influencer.

In this article, you will learn how to analyze cryptocurrency tokens. And we will also talk about the basic rules for your own analysis of any unfamiliar token that you are advised to buy from each refrigerator


You have seen Binance launch the SUI token on the launchpad. Suddenly, someone offers you a personal message to buy it on PancakeSwap cheaper and before the listing. I really want to buy, but how not to get scammed?

1. Always check the token on CoinMarketCap

First of all go to CMC and check this token there. If there are no trades there yet and ICO is written, then the token is not yet traded anywhere, and you are being offered a SCAM!

Project page on CMC

2. Check the announcements

The SUI token page on the CMC has a project twitter/discord section. Go to Twitter and see the announcements from the last week or two. If there is no information about token trading on Pancake or other airdrops, you are being offered a scam.

Where to find links to social networks of the project in CMC

You can also go to the site (also available on CMC) and read what the project is, what problem it solves, what team, investors. It is also very important to learn about the background of the developers/investors. Often, successful developers or investors can continue to release interesting projects that are worth a closer look. Or, on the contrary, there may be some inexperienced team, or even 1 developer at all, who can barely cope with the work and perhaps it is worth skipping such a project.

3. Check the contract

For example, the channel offers to buy the SUI token for listing on various exchanges. In order for you to buy a token, the scammer will publish a scam token contract under the guise of a real one and write instructions on how to buy it on Pancake or another decentralized exchange.


All official contracts are on CMC, Coingecko, DropsTab, Cryptorank + in the whitepaper of each project.

4. We basically read the whitepaper

Not such a terrible whitepaper as it is portrayed. There is a lot of interesting things. CMC has links to each project’s whitepaper. It is desirable to basically turn over the documents, at least look at the token economics of the project (why the token, its functions) and what the project does.

An example of project documentation

5. Let’s see where the token is traded

The most common question in the chat is “where to buy token X?”. To answer this question, just go to CMC – enter the token you are interested in – go to the “Markets” section. There will be a list of all exchanges (CEX and DEX) where this token is traded.


We often make the mistake of moving too fast when it comes to making money and too slow when it comes to preserving assets.

Always ask yourself: do I want to earn or not lose now? If you make money, act gradually and do not jump into the shields with both feet, and if you do, then for the amount that you are ready to painlessly lose.

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