How to complete the Element Market quest

How to complete the Element Market quest. Step-by-step guide on how to complete the Element Market task.

Element Market is the first community-driven marketplace built to save time and money. Users get access to better liquidity, namely low gas prices and the most efficient trading functions. The platform also supports various networks, at the moment it is ETN, BNB, Polygon and Avalanche. Investors: Sequoia, Dragonfly Capital, Sino Global and others raised $11,000,000.

Rewards: 25,000,000 $ELE tokens are allocated with vesting, i.e. 50% will be distributed at exit and another 50% linearly over 12 months. A maximum of $500,000 ELE will be distributed per day among users who have managed to complete the task.

The event takes place from September 5 to November 5.

What need to do?

  • Follow the link;
  • Click “Accept Invation”;
  • Connect your wallet (MetaMask) to the Ethereum network;
  • Click “Confirm”;
  • We go to the “Reward” tab and see various activities for which we will receive tokens;
Available activities

Go to the link and click Accept Invation, then connect your metamask to the Ethereum network and click Confirm. Next, we go to the Rewards tab and see our current actions, namely: • NFT listing – 800 ELE/DAY; • NFT trading – 1600 ELE/NFT; • Referral program.

Listing NFT

Go to the My NFTs section


We select the NFT from our basket that we want to sell and click Sell. Element supports cross-market listing, allowing you to list NFTs directly on multiple marketplaces. Currently supported are Element, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 and others. Choose time to sell, marketplace, price. The system automatically calculates commissions for platform transactions, authorship and other events, so you can calculate how much you will receive approximately. It is currently 0.5% for Element, 2.5% for OpenSea, 2% for LooksRare and 2%.

NFT listing

Click “Start Listing” and confirm all transactions.

Setting the price and choosing a platform

Trade NFT

Let’s move on to selling NFTs. First of all, we pay attention to the network, Ethereum should stand. We go to the tab Explore – Marketplace, and then turn on Buy Now, set the minimum price values and choose the NFT that we liked.

List of NFTs

We click on NFT and buy, for this we click Buy Now – Confirm and sign transactions of paid gas.

Selected NFT to buy

Invitation of referrals (multi). For each referral, we are rewarded in the form of $ELE tokens. To get a link for invitations, we can go to the Reward tab and click on Invite Friends. You can try to abuse with the help of browser anti-detect and proxy.

Invitation of referrals

Don’t forget to collect daily tokens. But this feature will be available only after you activate your account by doing several things described above. Also go to the Reward tab and click on Check-In.

At this stage, these are all activities, but they will be added during the event. There are also several options to receive additional rewards (not yet launched) for your activity on the platform:

  • Get a whitelist in the project;
  • NFT drop. The more offers that come in for your advertised position, the more rewards you will receive.
  • The possibility of liking certain NFTs.

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