How to create multiple profiles on one site?

Multi-accounts are an opportunity to get more benefits by registering and being active in a certain service on several profiles at the same time. With this method, you can create multiple profiles on the same site, game or application. Each service has its own rules and policies for dealing with multi-accounts, so this method is not allowed to be used everywhere. In order to bypass protection systems and register on the site, browsers or systems often use anti-detection. These browsers guarantee complete anonymity on the site, replace site fingerprints, simulate cache, cookies and other data. In this way, you can work with several accounts at the same time on the same device, just by launching them using such browsers, and most sites will not be able to track this. In general, there are 3 popular methods of bypassing this problem. Overview of the 3 most popular methods for creating multi-accounts.

  1. Browser profiles + different IP addresses;
  2. Antidetect Dolphin;
  3. Antidetect VectorT13.

Each of the listed options has its advantages and disadvantages. The appropriateness of their use depends specifically on the situation and the task to be performed.

Advantages and disadvantages of creating browser profiles

Вигляд створених профілів у браузерів
View of created profiles in browsers

The advantages of this method include:

  • Free of charge;
  • complete freedom of action in setting;
  • speed of learning and creating such accounts;
  • accessibility for anyone, as it does not require heavy system requirements.

The disadvantages include:

  • Not perfect in replacing the cache, cookies and other parameters. Because they will need to be changed only manually;
  • the need to install all plugins and bookmarks manually on each other account;
  • not convenient management.

A more detailed description of the method and instructions for use are described here.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Antidetect Dolphin

Тестовий вигляд програми Antidetect Dolphin
Test view of the Antidetect Dolphin program

The advantages of this method include:

  • A large list of settings to change;
  • convenient interface, all functions are collected and work in one program;
  • the possibility of replacing the cache, cookies and other parameters, described in more detail in the article on setting up Antidetect Dolphin;
  • the possibility of installing plugins, bookmarks, IP addresses simultaneously on all necessary accounts.

The disadvantages include:

  • Payment for subscription (the functionality of the free trial version is available, and the website states that up to 10 accounts are available in the free version)
  • not a complete change of all parameters. So some sites will still be able to understand that this is an anti-detection. But for most sites this will be enough.
  • Link to the product website (may not open without VPN).

A more detailed description of the method and instructions for use are described here.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Antidetect VectorT13

вигляд емулятор з встановленим еталоном Antidetect VectorT13
Emulator type with installed Antidetect VectorT13 standard

The advantages of this method include:

  • Full security because a new computer is created within a computer (see the article overview of this use case for more details);
  • the largest functionality among the presented methods;
  • the possibility of changing all browser parameters;
  • the possibility of changing many parameters of the computer itself, even to such trifles as the code of the hard disk or sound card;
  • there is a certain version in public free access.

The disadvantages include:

  • Very difficult to master;
  • paid, subscription price $90 per month;
  • there is no convenient interface for configuring only the browser part, you need to install a heavy emulator file of the entire computer;
  • the free version was last updated in the spring of 2021, so it is not very relevant, although it is perfect for simple tasks.


Depending on the required task of creating several profiles on one site, you can use different methods for this. As a completely free and least reliable way to create multiple browser profiles. So are paid (or their free versions) browser antidetects such as Antidetect Dolphin and Antidetect VectorT13. Antidetect Dolphin with different IP addresses is sufficient for tasks with cryptocurrencies or earning from clicks. However, if it is necessary to bypass already more complex protection, then Antidetect VectorT13 can come to the rescue.

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