How to earn in LetMeSpeak

In this article, you will learn How to earn in LetMeSpeak. Details about required NFTs for the game. Registration, purchase and NFT options. Mint (invite) new NFTs. Life hacks for faster completion of tasks.

About the project

LetMeSpeak is an application in the form of a game to help you learn English. At the moment, the application is created for IOS, and in a web browser. You can also participate with Android, but only through the website in the browser.


Registration and opportunities to participate in the project

To register, you only need to enter your e-mail address and password, and connect your wallet to the Solana network. The best option for this is the Phantom wallet, more details on how to use it.

At the moment, in order to earn money in the game, you need to buy NFT. However, as described in the documentation, several more methods will be available in the near future, namely:

  • Direct ownership. You need to buy NFT on and start and earn. (relevant)
  • Purchase + scholarship. Buy NFT and give someone else a scholarship to study. You both earn. (under development)
  • Scholarship. Get scholarship from existing NFT holder, study and earn for free. (under development)
  • Rent. Contribute and rent NFTs to learn and earn. (under development)
  • Sponsorship Sponsoring someone else to learn and earn or receive it.(in development)

Basic mechanics of earning and participating in the project

In order to make money from English in LetMeSpeak at the time of writing, there are 2 methods: learning English and inviting new characters (mint) with subsequent resale. At the same time, important indicators of the NFT price are its parameters.

NFT parameters

The screenshot shows all possible parameters of free and paid NFTs. Earnings are possible with NFT level not lower than “Uncommon”.

  • Talent: Talent is the primary attribute that determines most of the others: character rarity, starting skills, and learning rate. Talent points are awarded when an NFT character is created and do not change. The more talent points a character has – the faster he progresses, the more he can earn and the more chances he has to win in PvP. Important: characters with 26+, 36+, 46+ and 56+ receive an additional +5, 10, 20, 50% to earnings;
  • Reward Level: Characters of different rarities receive different amounts of rewards (LSTARs) for the same training actions.
  • Invitations (mint): Each NFT character can be used to create new characters. To get a new one, you need 2 characters with the same rarity and a reward token payment (LSTAR). You can complete 6 invitations for each character. Important: depending on the number of invitations, the price for creating a new NFT character changes. If this is a new character and has not yet invited anyone, then the commission for inviting this character will be minimal. Also, if the character has made 6 invitations, he will no longer be able to invite at all.

Other main features

  • Skills: Characters have four main language learning attributes: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening, and Grammar. You can improve your NFT character skills by practicing these activities in the tutorial. Leveling up your skills earns you more rewards and gives you an advantage in PvP.
  • XP Level: Every NFT character starts at level 1. Every time you learn and spend energy, your NFT character gains experience points (XP). When you collect enough points, you will receive a new level of XP. When you buy or sell an NFT character, their XP level remains the same. Important: depending on the size of the level, the total income also increases, the income increases by +5% every 10 levels, up to a maximum of 25%;
  • Learning Rate: This parameter shows how much XP the NFT character gets for spending energy.
  • Energy: Each NFT character has 100 energy points. As you learn, you convert energy points into character rewards and XP. Energy is gradually restored to 100 points in 24 hours.
What are NFTs?

LMS Visa

Your character will need a valid LMS visa to learn and earn. Your LMS Visa determines the number of days your NFT character will be able to learn and earn. When your visa expires, you’ll need to either renew it or buy a new character.

Visa renewal price for 30 days

Invitation (mint) NFT

Minting (mint) is the process of creating new NFT characters from existing ones. In order to create another character, you need 2 existing characters of the same rarity and perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to, log in and go to the inventory.
  2. Select one NFT character and click the “Invite” button.
  3. Choose another character with the same rarity.
  4. Estimate LSTAR invite cost, potential rarity, and talent range.
  5. If everything suits you, you need to confirm the transaction and in a few minutes you will receive your new NFT character.
Invite a new character

The invitation price varies depending on the current LSTAR exchange rate. This is created in order to take more coins from circulation at a lower exchange rate and vice versa.

The base price of the invitation
Discounted invitation price (depending on the course)

Each subsequent invitation can give you much more value. This gives an additional bonus to the talent range or even the rarity of the new character. If one of the characters participating in the invitation has completed more than two invitations, you will get a chance to get a character of higher rarity. For the third invitation, the change is 2%; for the fourth, 4th 4%; and for the fifth – 8%. If both of your characters receive the sixth and final invitation, you will receive a new character of higher rarity. For inviting legendary characters, you will receive a new Legendary Rarity NFT with double LMS visa length.

How to get a more talented NFT character?

List of bonuses that apply to the new character’s potential talent range based on the skill of the character performing the invitation:

  • from levels (every 10 levels +0.5);
  • from completed invitations (each invitation +0.5);
  • from high talent (up to +2);
  • the additional +3 talent range bonus can also be used at an additional cost in LSTAR.

Select the two characters you want to invite new, and you’ll see the new character’s potential talent range and chance of a higher rarity.

Marketplace, buy and sell NFTs

You can do all the key NFT related activities with LetMeSpeak on the Marketplace. In fact, this is the main site of the application. Here you can:

  • research NFTs for sale, latest offers, general statistics of the economy;
  • buy and sell NFT (sales commission 6%);
  • get tokens earned by training (minimum 300 LSTAR);
  • exchange game tokens for USDC and back;
  • provide and receive scholarships in seconds (in development);
  • manage NFTs and create new ones by invitation;
  • get information about transaction history;

The market is decentralized and all NFT buying/selling is peer-to-peer. You have complete control over the listing of assets for sale, their purchase and related asset flows.

Marketplace view

How to choose NFTs to buy or sell? What does the price depend on?

You should always carefully and accurately select NFTs to buy or sell. Be sure to pay attention to the parameters:

  • Visa – i.e. how many days are left and whether it is possible to extend the visa. It is recommended to buy characters with the number of visa days at least 2/3 of the total possible. That is, for Uncommon, at least 80 days. This is necessary so that you have the opportunity to earn, pay off and, if necessary, sell. After all, with the number of days less than a month, NFTs are sold less often.
  • Talent is a very important indicator, because characters with 26+, 36+, 46+ and 56+ get an additional +5, 10, 20, 50% to earnings, and also gain experience faster and have more additional points when creating a new character.
  • Invitations – the number of invitations made. With 0 invitations, the price of the character will be high, because the price of inviting a new character with such a character is the lowest. Also, the price will be high for a character with 5 invitations already made, because the next invitation gives a 50% probability of inviting a character with a higher rarity. And in the case of 2 characters with 5 invitations, it guarantees 100% this. If you are not interested in inviting other characters, you can choose any NFT with any other number of invitations, such as 2-4 and 6. In the case of 6 invitations, that character can no longer invite anyone.
  • The level and speed of learning are the least important parameters when buying, but they must also be taken into account.

Real earning experience

At the time of writing the article, while investing $280 in the project, I managed to earn $330 from the training. Also available are 4 characters, of which 3 have talents 29 and one 26. Their approximate cost is estimated at $320. If you exit the project at this moment, the total profit was $330+$320-$280=$370 in about 40 days. To do this, I used up all the energy on each character every day, as well as making invitations, selling and buying different characters. The income from these NFTs ranges from $8 to $10 per day depending on the LSTAR rate.

Investment: $280

Earnings during training: $330

Assets in NFT: $320

Total profit at the time of writing: $370

You don’t need to have a strong level of English for this kind of income. After all, there are ways to almost learn several questions and repeat them every day.

Life hack to pass faster

The fastest way to spend your 100 energy is to complete grammar tasks. Namely, the passage of the first 10 subjects in order each day. It is important to note that one of your successful passes consumes a maximum of 10 energy at a time. In the task, you must answer 15 questions correctly. essentially 3 levels of 5 questions. You can make 2 mistakes at 1 level and 2-3 combined. In case everything is passed successfully, you will spend 10 energy and earn maximum LSTAR (about 10 for Uncommon). If the number of errors was more, then nothing terrible happened. you will simply spend less energy and be able to start the task again. Also, the maximum that is restored on each task is equal to 10 energy.

Thus, every day, for example, at 3:00 p.m., you can start completing the same tasks. In about 24 hours, it will be available to you again for 10 energy, and you will restore just the full amount of 100 energy. In this way, every day you will be able to complete 10 identical grammar tasks in approximately the same time (sometimes + 5 minutes), in which the questions are repeated very often.

Topics of grammar tasks


For a better and faster passage, i.e. “abuse”, you should divide all your NFTs into different accounts, 1 on each account. After all, in this update, the progress of each character is tied to your mail. This solution also speeds up the completion of tasks each day. Namely, you can use Dolphin Antidetect or any other method to launch several browsers at the same time and perform tasks of the same subject at the same time. Personally, it is convenient for me to run 2 accounts at the same time. In this way, I spend 30 minutes a day on 4 accounts. It takes about 15 minutes for 2 accounts. Considering the income of $8-10 for half an hour, this is very, very good.

Completing tasks from 2 or 4 accounts at the same time


Earning in English in LetMeSpeak is possible and not difficult. The project is developing and looks good so far. Is it worth investing in it now? It’s everyone’s choice. I just told my experience of using and earning from this project.

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