How to use eclipsepad and astroport by SEI

How to use eclipsepad and astroport by SEI. A detailed guide on how to use eclipsepad and astroport by SEI. Overview of Eclipsepad. Astroport review.

Overview of Eclipsepad

Eclipsepad is a launchpad platform in the SEI network. On this platform, users can invest their money in new promising projects that are just entering the market in the SEI blockchain.

The functionality of this site is quite simple and convenient. There are 3 tabs in total:

  • Home – basic information about future projects, about your tokens, etc.
  • Projects – information about active and completed projects on launchpads.
  • Dashboard – information about your activity in these projects. The available allocation or number of coins you have redeemed and can receive.
  1. First you need to go to Eclipsepad.
Dashboard page
  1. Next, you need to authorize through the wallet. There are several to choose from, you can use Keplr or Leap.
Authorization via wallet
  1. After authorization, in the Projects window, select the project you are interested in and click on it.
Selecting a project in Projects
  1. In the window with the project, invest in it, if there is still an available pool. In this case, the launchpad has already been completed, so it says that everything is sold. In the following projects, you will need to buy the allocation for a certain amount.
Window with the High Noon project
  1. After that, in the Dashboard tab, you can find all the data about the projects in which you participated and get coins, or see information about when you can get them.
Dashboard tab
  1. You can also go to the Stake tab and stake Eclipse coins (you can buy them, for example, on Sparrowswap).
Staking eclipse token

That’s all for now. this is all the main functionality of the Eclipsepad site at the moment.

Astroport Review

Astroport is another DeFI representative on the Sei network. Its functionality is generally very similar to Sparrowswap, the main functionality: swaps, liquidity pools, staking.

  1. Go to the Astroport website. The first thing you need to do is select the Sei network, for this, click on the down arrow on the top right.
Network selection
  1. Toggle the Show Testnets button so that it is enabled and select the SEI testnet network.
SEI testnet selection

3. Below is a brief overview of all possibilities:

  1. Swap – the tab shown on the screen, for exchanging cryptocurrencies.
  2. Bridge – for transferring cryptocurrency from one blockchain to another. For example with SEI on Luna.
  3. Pool – liquidity pools, is a set of pairs of tokens that are blocked in a smart contract and ensure the liquidity of this pair of tokens. In simple terms, someone blocks their tokens, allowing you to exchange, and in return receives a certain percentage of each exchange.
  4. Choosing a cryptocurrency to exchange
  5. Choice of cryptocurrency to receive
  6. Entering the amount to exchange
  7. You will get approx
  8. Parameters where you need to adjust the slippage
An overview of the main features
  1. After selecting cryptocurrencies and entering values to exchange, you need to confirm the transaction.
Transaction confirmation
  1. The next function is the bridge. In this testnet, it is optional in missions. But in general, for understanding, this is a function for transferring coins to different networks.
Bridge to Astroport

Add to Liquidity pool

  1. Another task is to create (add tokens) to the liquidity pool. To do this, go to the third tab from the left.
Liquidity pool in Astroport
  1. Next, you need to add liquidity by clicking the “Add Liquidity” button(1) next to the pair of Astro-Sei tokens. Since I already have added liquidity, I have the option to manage it (2), namely add more coins, or withdraw from the pool. The third (3) number represents a scenario where you don’t have one or two of the tokens in the pair, so you need to get them first via a swap.
How to add to the liquidity pool
  1. After clicking on the “Add Liquidity” button, you will see the following window. In this window you need to enter the proportional amount of both tokens. Then click “Add Liquidity” and confirm the transaction.
Introducing tokens to add to liquidity
  1. It is also worth adding that you have the ability to manage (Manage) liquidity. You can further increase liquidity, or reduce it by taking away tokens.
Manage Liquidity
  1. To withdraw tokens from liquidity, you need to click on Withdraw Liquidity. Enter the amount of interest you want to withdraw. Click Withdraw Liquidity and confirm the transaction.
Withdrawal of liquidity

This site had the most lags at all points of the testnet. Therefore, you should be patient to work with him.

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