Linea Voyage campaign in Mainnet. Wave 7: Trading

The optimal route for the seventh week of the Linea Voyage campaign in Mainnet. Wave 7: Trading. Overview of tasks + optimal route.

Linea Voyage campaign in Mainnet. Wave 7: Trading

Task 7 of the week related to trading in the Linea network.


Main task:

  • Deposit at least $15 into a perpetual/options platform and make a trade of any value.
    Reward: +160 XP

Bonus tasks:

  • Make a trade of at least $15 on an OTC/RFQ DEX or a hedging contract.
    Reward: +120 XP
  • Review your favorite dapp of this wave on DappSheriff (make sure you used this app during this wave)
    Reward: +20 XP

Optimal route:

  1. If you already have money for completing quests, then proceed to the next point, if not, withdraw ETH from OKX or ByBit ($0.4);
  2. Go to the ZKEX site, make several signatures and deposit more than $15 in ETH (approximately 0.007 ETH – 0.008 ETH) (commission $1.2);
  3. Activate the account (one more signature, it may hang at this moment due to a large influx), after that sell ETH at the market price for USD.
  4. Withdraw USD in USDC to the network base/arbitrum/optimism or another, where USD will be available for withdrawal. In this way, we save on withdrawal to the Linea network (commission $0.2-0.5).
  5. As for the second task, I personally ignored it for three reasons:
    • Constant news in discord that somewhere money was lost during OTC exchange, so it is scary to exchange with strangers
    • I don’t want to link my accounts in pairs
    • Large commissions for gas that have already gone to all tasks with Linea
  6. Leave feedback on Dapp Sheriff.

❌ Total costs for Gwei 30: ~$2-3.

End: December 16, 14:00 EET (Kyiv).

Other information and tasks about Linea.

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