Mantle: Alpha Season

Mantle: Alpha Season. Briefly about the season. How to farm miles in the season. What do you need to do to get rewarded in the Mantle project?

What is Mantle Journey?

The Alpha Season of Mantle Journey is Mantle’s pilot phase to evaluate and improve various aspects of the program before its full-scale implementation. At this stage, a limited amount of network work is implemented to gather feedback, identify potential problems, and make necessary adjustments. This is a valuable opportunity to fine-tune Mantle Journey’s processes, identify and pursue any possible fixes, and ensure its effectiveness and success in a larger scale deployment.

Mantle: Alpha Season

How to farm $8 million miles from Mantle?

Be sure to mint the Mantle Journey Soulbound Token (MJSBT) first. To do this, go to Mantle Journey and mint this NFT.

  1. Go to the site, delegate to different people and vote for Snapshot
  2. Make swaps and add liquidity and receive (20-50 miles) for:
  3. Transactions in Mantle (10 miles)
  4. The full list of what miles are charged for is on the screenshot below.
A complete list of what miles are charged for

So, the prize pool is big, so I’ll try to participate with one or more accounts and do a few transactions from time to time. The commission in the network is not large, but if you make very frequent and many transactions, then a large amount can be obtained. Therefore, I will conduct only a few transactions per week.

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