MarketCsGo / Steam trading skins

How to register/login

Registration in the MarketCsGo service is practically absent, there is authorization directly through Steam. To do this, you need to click on the “login through Steam” button on the top right and then confirm the authorization.


Then you will need to enable the ability to buy and sell things. To do this, go to the specified link to find out your exchange link, and copy it into the appropriate line. You also need to download their MarketAPP application, in which you just need to log in to your account. This app is needed to automatically transfer skins to and from you. After everything is done, press the “enable buying and selling” button.

Activation of sale and purchase

How to buy an item

In order to buy an item on MarketCsGo, you need to click the “buy” button in the upper left window. After that, a page with a list of all items will open, in the search by name, write or paste the name of the item copied from the price comparison table. Or you can use the advanced search by changing the various options shown on the left.

Searching for an interesting item

After the item is found, click on it. On the page with the item, you can see its current price for which you can buy it right now, or place an auto purchase at a certain price you are interested in.

Purchase of an item

How to put an item up for sale

In order to put an item up for sale on MarketCsGo, you need to click the “my items” button on the top left. After that, press the “update inventory” button. And then the “+” button, which is displayed on the screen. Choose the item you are interested in for sale from the list of all items.

Putting the item up for sale

Please note that each item that has already been sold on the site can be opened in a new page (by clicking on the blue letter “i”) and there you can see its minimum price, and on the graph the number of recent sales and their prices. These parameters should be taken into account in the price you want to set.

Information on the item

After you decide on the selling price, enter it and take into account that the service takes 5% from each sale.

Selection of selling price

How to deposit/withdraw money

In order to deposit or withdraw money, you need to press “+” or “-” money from the top right, respectively.

Money input and output

Next, you need to choose a payment method. Specify the top-up price and deposit money after confirming it.

Possible methods of entering money

The procedure for withdrawing money is similar, only the withdrawal here is most convenient to a cryptocurrency wallet through the throne, as there is the lowest commission. Withdrawal commission 5%.

Possible ways to withdraw money

Things to remember

For help and convenience, you should definitely install Steam Invetory Helper.

When choosing a skin to buy or buy on steam to sell here, pay attention that there are not only single orders at the price you are interested in. That is, on the screen below, there is a normal situation with prices, where there are many requests at a similar price. Another possible situation is when there is an order at the price of 69, then 68, and then, for example, 55, 40 and so on, it is better to avoid such options. because by the time you get a skin from the trade ban, someone will definitely buy it for the given price and you will be waiting with your not-so-necessary skin. Working with the table is described in detail in the article.

Normal situation with prices
Other useful things

Don’t buy too many of the same skins. Try to take no more than 6-8 identical skins so that you can sell them quickly. The only exceptions are very popular skins that have hundreds of sales per week or case.

Note that the purchase price will always be lower on a purchase request, but the purchase may take a very long time. Therefore, if you need to buy immediately, then you should buy at the current price, and if not, you can make a request.

If your skin does not sell for more than a week, then you should consider the following options:

  • search for a site where, perhaps, the price will be much more favorable for sale right now;
  • sale at a price in the minus with the possibility of compensating it at the expense of other skins. Or the reverse cycle (for example, you bought 50 different skins, of which 25 went to a good +, 15 almost to 0, and the remaining 10 go to a small minus. Then in this if you want to keep the speed of circles (up to 10 days). You can sell these skins at a small discount. So as not to wait for their price to rise and start looking for new skins);
  • if you have the opportunity and time to wait. Then you can wait, specially if such skins are sold in large quantities every day and you do not have a large number of them in front of you.

My work experience

I have more than 3 years of experience with this service, and during this time everything worked well. Sometimes there were system lags. once even for a week and a half, but in general everything is stable and normal. About half a year ago, it was usually more profitable to buy things from this site at + 20% in steam, but now everything is the opposite, in steam it is more profitable to buy here. In general, this is not a fundamental difference, you just need to know. that from time to time everything changes, the main thing is to earn.

The approximate income from working with MarketCsGo reaches 20-40% per cycle, the cycle is about 10 days (sometimes faster, sometimes longer, depending on how quickly the items are sold). Therefore, taking into account that I will invest the entire amount immediately. In a month, it can be from 50-70% to 100-140% of income from the initial purchase amount. That is, from 2000 UAH, you can make 3000-4000 UAH, if you are lucky with skins.

As for the inconvenience, it is constantly necessary to be near the phone to confirm the transfer of things. Because you don’t really want to entrust such a thing to a bot, because someone can create an exchange where there will be the wrong things, and you will hand over some of your expensive things to the attacker, instead of the cheap ones that were sold.


In general, working with the MarketCsGo service has a positive response from me, despite some lags and inaccuracies. With the help of this service, you can earn in 2022. The main thing is not to be impudent and not to use bots that will reduce prices by 1 penny, constantly interrupting the price of another seller.

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