New earnings every day in Gods Unchained

New earnings every day in Gods Unchained. A new way to earn from the game Gods Unchained from September 1, 2022. Estimated income and how to earn?

New buns from Gods Unchained. Again a cool event from them, this time you can earn not so much, but if you play regularly for a month, it might not be bad. In general, a theme for those who like to play card games (such as heardstone, splinerlands, era7 and others).

The start date of the event is September 1.

Daily Play to earn event from Gods Unchained project

Every day we can get $GODS for wins. How?

  • Every day you need to play up to 10 games (no more sense)
  • We will be given fragments for victories
  • The first 3 wins double the reward
  • Fragments can be exchanged for $GODS token
  • Tokens can be collected on the site in a special Daily Play & Earn section.

But that’s not all: tokens are counted after 7 days to account for bots and attackers.

The cost of one fragment will be calculated according to the formula: (your daily fragments / daily community fragments) * total daily $GODS. The number of Fragments you can get for winning a match depends on various factors, such as your rank, the number of wins, and the shine quality of the cards you use in the match.

For those interested, gaming fans have a useful site where you can view decks of top players, best winrate deck, etc. You can register and start the game here.

How will I participate?

Due to the fact that the whole meaning of this event is in the first 10 first victories on the account every day. It makes sense to use not one, but several accounts. I had them after the previous event. Because after 10 wins, fragments will no longer be awarded. In the event that you have a large number of accounts, or there is an opportunity to create them, a reasonable solution would be to generally win only the first 3 games on each account, and then change to another. Because for the first 3 wins you will get x2 fragments (respectively $GODS coins) relative to the rest of the games.

Number of shards and estimated $GODS at rank 6 for 3 wins per day

The duration of 1 game depends on the deck and the opponent, ranging from 5 to 12 minutes. On average, you can take 8 minutes. In an hour, you can play an average of 6 games. Depending on your rank, deck and level of play, the winrate will differ. Because at the first ranks it is very easy to win and you can win all 6 games, and at the last ranks it is the opposite. However, it is also worth considering that the award itself will depend on the rank level. Therefore, it is also not worth staying at low ranks for a long time for the sake of constant victories. So, the average player at an average rank, I can calmly pass 1 account in an hour (having scored from 3 to 6 victories). After that you can change the account.

Estimated income

Estimated revenue is still unknown, as only the first day of the event has passed. After a week or two of playing on several accounts, I will write another article with an analysis of income.


For people who like this type of games, or the game Gods Unchained itself, it is definitely worth participating, because just for playing, you can get some income. It is still too early to say what kind of income it will be, but in any case it is a nice bonus. It is also worth noting that the game is quite slow, so you can calmly watch a video, listen to a podcast, or do something similar at the same time.

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