New event from Sei Network

Testnet Sei Network. Tutorial Sunken Treasure on Sei Network. Step-by-step instructions for completing the new event from Sei Network.

New event from Sei Network

Sei Network is a fast L1 blockchain developed on the Cosmos SDK and optimized specifically for dApp.

At the moment, the project’s tokens are valued at $400 million. 1% is allocated to the community in the project.

The other day, Sei announced the launch of the final stage of Atlantic-2 testing, and now they have already tweeted about a new Sunken Treasure event with a box farm for a certain number of transactions.

Atlantic-2 Sei Network

What need to do?

  1. Updating the network:
    1. enter the Keplr wallet;
    2. choose networks;
    3. press the cross opposite the Sei Testnet network;
    4. to add a new “Sei Atlantic 2” network, go to Votrex and connect the wallet;
    5. the network will be added automatically.
  2. We receive test tokens in the faucet or discord (both faucets work with interruptions);
  3. We make 25+ transactions in Vortex Protocol or Stake (to view their number, you can simply search for your wallet here);
  4. After that, we wait for some time (in different ways, it can be from several minutes to hours);
  5. We go to the site and in the Gift tab we donate our chests to our second account (we do the same on another account and transfer it to this one);
  6. On the Claim to share tab, we take the box after authorization on Twitter;
  7. Read more in the article.
Sunken Treasure event

In the boxes we will find “Sunken treasures” of four levels of rarity:

  • Common – 60% chance;
  • Uncommon – 25% chance;
  • Rare – 10% chance;
  • Mythic – 5% chance;

Sunken Treasure will be held in two stages:

  • Stage 1 from March 15-25 – in this phase we need to fill as many boxes as possible. 25 transactions = 1 box;
  • Stage 2 from March 25 to April 5 – this stage is intended for the opening of boxes.

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