New referral program in GODS Unchained

New referral program in GODS Unchained. What is the earnings? What are the conditions? Is it still relevant?

The new referral program in GODS Unchained is actually a continuation of the previous one, with some important changes.

What remained constant?

  • 10$GODS per signup + 10$GODS per friend.

What has changed:

  • 1,000,000 $GODS allocated.
  • There is no final time.
  • Payments will be made until the entire prize fund is exhausted.
  • It is necessary to reach the 6th level (Tier 6 – Astral Meteorite (M+), not 3, as it was before, so it takes much more time.
  • Payments on the first Wednesday of the new month.


  • Sign up for Gods Unchained
  • Reach rank 6
  • Link your wallet and don’t forget to link Immutable (also free)

The promotion is valid until the entire pool is exhausted. Payments on the first Wednesday of the new month!

Link to the site with the game.

Нова реферальна програма у GODS Unchained

In this way, register one account as the “base”, go to the 6th RANK on it! And then take the link from him and register other accounts and receive 10 GODS tokens for the main account and for the second newly created one.

Probably the most logical thing now would be to combine the referral program with earning daily on $GODS, namely, for example, create 5 accounts, and win 3-6 games on them every day, to receive bonus coins, thus in a few days in:

  • hit level 6 on everyone;
  • you won’t look like a bot that came in a day raised level 6 and doesn’t play anymore;
  • get some $GODS coins per event.
Gameplay of the game GODS

ATTENTION you need to take the 6th rank in the game, not just the level. On average, it takes about 3 hours with an aggro deck, sometimes it is significantly longer, because it can throw you at opponents with a paid deck and in this case there are few chances. GODS unchained rank list:

  • Tier 1- Rusted Bronze (B)
  • Tier 2 – Purified Bronze (B+)
  • Tier 3 – Rusted Iron (I)
  • Tier 4 – Purified Iron (I+)
  • Tier 5 – Impact Meteorite (M)
  • Tier 6 – Astral Meteorite (M+)
  • Tier 7 – Twilight Shadow (S)
  • Tier 8 – Midnight Shadow (S+)
  • Tier 9 – Auric Gold (G)
  • Tier 10 – Solar Gold (G+)
  • Tier 11 – Ethereal Diamond (D)
  • Tier 12 – Mythic (M)

You can track your rank easily in the game

Rank in game

And also on the website with statistics. To do this, simply follow the link, enter your in-game nickname after completing several games and click on your nickname.

Rank on the website with statistics

Brief information about the game in this article.

How to create and play from several accounts

In order to create several accounts, it is convenient to use the Dolphin anti-detection browser, more details about it in the article.

If someone needs to change the IP address, the game itself can use the proxifier program. I have not been able to decide whether it is really necessary, because as my statistics showed, the payouts did not differ much, but as long as I have several proxies, I will use them.

Proxyfier settings


Compared to the first program, the conditions have now become much more difficult and you need to spend more time for 1 account, but for people who liked this game, the method of earning will still be relevant, especially in combination with earning daily on the same game.

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