NFT games

What are NFT games? What are NFT games like? Examples and reviews of possible options.

What are NFT games?

NFTs are unique digital collectibles on the blockchain. They can be used in games as characters, consumables, and other means of exchange. Gaming with NFTs has become a popular way to make money in the Game-fi industry: you can sell your in-game NFTs to other collectors and players and even earn tokens in Play-to-Earn models. If we draw parallels to ordinary computer games, then this is something similar to skins in CS:GO, Dota2, Pubg, these are cards of football players in Fifa or other similar games.

Examples and brief reviews of the possibility of earning money on NFT games:

  • Sandbox
  • LetMeSpeak
  • Gods Unchained

What is and how to earn on Sandbox?

Sandbox – a game (even a full-fledged metauniverse) with an open world, has been in alpha access twice so far, for completing certain tasks in which everyone had a chance to get an Alpha Pass, which cost about $3000. In addition to it, you can earn from various activities, for example, completing a quest (usually takes up to an hour). Take a screenshot of his final scene and post it on Twitter to the appropriate post, where 100 winners will be randomly selected from all those who complete the task and will receive 100 $SAND coins, which is currently equal to $1.42. that is, if you are lucky, you can win $140+ in an hour.

NFT game and Sandbox metauniverse

However, this is not all, since the metauniverse is just developing, everyone has the opportunity to download their editor to create assets, namely to create various houses, characters, objects, maps, etc. If your object is of good quality, it can be taken to the official Sandbox marketplace, after which you will receive a commission from each of its sales.

Sandbox Marketplace

What is and how to earn on LetMeSpeak?

LetMeSpeak is an application in the form of a game to help you learn English. You can simply learn English for free, namely words, grammar of different levels, and go through “history” – certain quests. In order to earn, it is necessary to have their NFT level not lower than Uncommon, the price of which is currently more than 50 dollars. The price depends on many factors, which are described in more detail in the article, which describes in detail the intricacies of the game.

LetMeSpeak main features

The game is connected to NFT using the Solana network, which is why you will need to open a Phantom wallet for convenience (you can read how to do this in the article). After registering and buying your first character, you need to complete any tasks for 100 energy every day (exactly 100 energy is restored in 24 hours). In one such day, that is, for 100 energy, you can earn:

  • from $2.2 to $2.8 per Uncommon character;
  • from $4.4 to $5.0 per Rare character;
  • from $9.2 to $10 per Epic character;
  • from $24 to $26 per Legendary character.

NFT payback time

Thus, paying back characters takes from 22 to 60 days, depending on the rarity. Also, don’t forget that this character can be sold again later, or changed with its help (invite another one). For the greatest efficiency at the moment, it is advisable to buy several characters of “Uncommon” rarity, in this case, the payback will be the fastest, and in case of failure of the project, the smallest losses.

A life hack for faster earnings

It is best and fastest to go through the first 10 grammar tasks. Initially, they have 50 energy available and one pass takes 10. That is, it is potentially possible to pass one task 5 times. But when there is less than 10 available energy left to complete a certain task, then from that moment the available energy begins to recover at the rate of 10 points per 24 hours. Thus, every 24-hour day, you will be able to complete the same 10 tasks, in which the questions will be repeated many times.

Energy recovery

According to this method, it takes about 15 minutes per day for 1 character, at the same time you can manage to pass for 2-4 characters using different accounts. That is, it is necessary to create a new browser profile. It is convenient to do this using the Dolphin browser. Then create a new profile on the site. After that, create another Solana wallet and complete tasks on several accounts in parallel. It looks approximately as shown in the screenshot.

4 accounts at the same time

What is and how to earn on Gods unchained?

Gods unchained is a turn-based online card game similar in gameplay to Hearthstone. In the game, you can start completely with 0 attachments. However, such a pumping path will be longer, but free. There are 2 main types of earnings. Read more about the game overview and gameplay at the link.

The first way is just to play everyone and earn Flux. In order to earn more of it, you need to win 3 matches per day on each hero. Depending on the Flux earned, after a week you will receive a certain amount of Gods Coins. The Gods coin is currently valued at approximately $0.8, i.e. depending on the activity of one account, you can receive several dollars every week.

The second method is the main one, raise the rank no lower than Midnight shadow, but it is even better to play 25 matches on the weekend in the “Weekend Event”. For a certain number of victories, depending on your rank, you will receive paid packs. These packs can drop an item for $0.01 or several dozen or hundreds. For a greater effect, it is better to raise the rank as high as possible on several accounts and go through the “Weekend Event”.

Possible prizes for a certain number of victories starting with the title Midnight shadow

The main pluses of this project include free entry, but because of this, there is a long way to profit.

The main disadvantages include the need to play and spend a lot of time on this project. For people who like to play games and similar gameplay is the best.

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