Receive NFT and points from Linea and Galxe

Receive NFT and points from Linea and Galxe. Guide how to pass the event and get NFT with points from Linea in Galxe. Linea and Galxe receive NFT.

Currently there is activity in Galxe, where you can get NFT from the Linea project. More details about the entire testnet and all its activities will be published a little later, and now you can take part in this event.

Event by Linea and Galxe

The first part consists of transferring various tokens through bridges of projects that are partners in Linea. For this, you can get certain points, which can be branded in Galxe. Most likely, these points will be transferred to a drop in the future. Claim points will be in FCFS (first come, first served) format and will be updated every 24 hours. That is, you will complete the task and your performance may not be credited immediately, but within the next 24 hours.

How to complete Linea x Galxe tasks

What need to do?

  1. Add the BSC test network and take the test BNB in the faucet (or follow the link and look for a working faucet);
  2. Connect the wallet on the site. There we also take test BUSD and transfer them to the Linea network;
  3. Add the test network Mumbai and take the test MATIC;
  4. Bridge MATIC to the Linea network (at the time of writing the article, the bridge lags and takes a very long time, or with errors);
  5. Claim the test ETH;
  6. Bridge all the tokens that are listed with Goerli in Linea;
  7. Add the Avalanche Fuji test network;
  8. We ask for test $AVAX and $EUROe in the faucet;
  9. Bridge through Multichain with Avalanche Fuji in Linea;
  10. Make social activities (subscription and repost).

End date May 8 at 06:00.

Overall evaluation of the event from the Linea and Galxe testnets:

The project is very promising and this event is a great opportunity to be active in the Linea network.

If the network does not lag, you need:

  • Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour
  • Costs: test tokens of each of the networks (you can transfer the minimum amount, commissions are different)
  • Difficulty: medium (in general, all tasks are simple, but their number and network lags significantly complicate the task)

My rating: 9/10, you have to try to pass.

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