Sandbox leaderboard updates

Sandbox leaderboard updates. What to do at the moment?

An important update to the leaderboard in Sandbox

An important update was released in the Sandbox project on October 17th, causing a flurry of criticism towards the project. The update was intended to reset the amount of EP for certain quests that have been out of balance and include all EP earned from completing quests that were affected by patches that disadvantaged certain players. However, instead of resetting all bugged quests, many quests without bugs were reset and a new “lower threshold for completing the quest” was introduced. This means that no matter how fast a player completes a quest without bugs in SPEEDRUN, their score won’t count if they don’t complete it as fast as a non-speedrunner.

It sounds like a good and right thing to do. But in fact, many quests with bugs were left without resetting, instead, many quests that had no bugs at all were reset. Despite all this, the worst part of the update was the introduction of the “lower threshold for completing the quest”. This means that no matter how fast you complete the quest without bugs in SPEEDRUN. Your score won’t count because their non-spiderrunner couldn’t complete as fast as you. For example, there are quests that take 5-7 seconds, and the minimum time can be as low as 12 seconds on the Dungeon of Dum-Yz map for completing ONE!!! points, and up to a minute for completing a quest on The walking dead map. That is, they force us to worsen the passage time in SPEEDRUN.

Temporary leaderboard

Genius but bad update

The genius of this update is simply off the charts. The idea behind this patch was really good. But the execution so far, as always this season, is simply terrible. There are only 14 days left until the end of the season. At the moment it is not clear whether there will be changes to the lower time threshold. Whether there will be changes to other quests and whether there will be rewards at all. Since a few days before that new rules for receiving rewards came out, according to which you need 24/7 track your mail. After all, if you do not respond to the confirmation of identity upon receiving the award within 2 days, then it will be impossible to receive the award.

What to do at the moment?

At the moment it is worth:

  1. First of all, pass new maps;
  2. Next, wait for an adequate change in the lower timings for the quests that need to be completed and, of course, complete them all again.
  3. In case of deleting the results of some other quests, repeat the procedure with each one.

The problem is that with 14 days to go, it is not at all clear even approximately the place in the overall standings. It is not clear which quests should be improved and which should not be touched at all. Sandbox in season 3 clearly failed.

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