Sei: mint Shell Passport

Sei: Mint Shell Passport. How to mint Shell Passport from SEI. Detailed step-by-step guide.

Now there is an opportunity to mint the Shell Passport from the Sei project. Holders of this passport will receive privileged access to exclusive distribution opportunities in the future. Well, also with this activity, we are increasing the activity in the SEI network, and mine net will be very soon.

What need to do?

  1. Install the Shall wallet.
Shall wallet
  1. IMPORTANT! Import the phrase you had in Keplr, Leap or any other wallet you used before. To do this, select the “Using a Seed Phrase” item.
Using a Seed Phrase
  1. Insert all the words in this field. After that, specify any “wallet name“, as well as choose and confirm the password. The last step in setting up your wallet is to select the blockchains you want to display in your wallet. You can select all, or only SEI.
Seed Phrase
  1. Go to the shellwallet website. Here click on the “Claim Shell Passport NFT” button.
Shellwallet site
  1. Click “Claim Now“. After that, connect the wallet and confirm the transaction.
Claim Shell Passport NFT

Sei Overall Score: Mint Shell Passport:

  • Estimated time to complete: 2-5 minutes.
  • Costs: 0.1 SEI (test).
  • Difficulty: EASY.

My rating is 6/10, This NFT is very easy to claim and should be passed by anyone doing the SEI testnet. Among the disadvantages, the fact that this service is not a task in Blocked, and therefore it is possible that it is not an important thing. Therefore, we do it only if we have time, or we participate in SEI.

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