.sei Name Service on SEI by Space ID

.sei Name Service on SEI by Space ID. How to get a .sei domain on SEI from Space ID? How to get 100 test SEI?

Space ID – a service for registering a domain name. Known for having already distributed 2 drops for registering domain names in the BNB and Arbitrum blockchains.

The main references of the project:

Recently, the project started testing the domain name registration service in the SEI blockchain. The activity is very easy to perform, but requires a little more SEI test tokens.

What need to do?

1. Receive 100 test SEI tokens on the Levana website. To do this, go to Levana -> click Faucet -> pass the captcha -> get 100 SEI.

ATTENTION: if you have a lot of SEI first exchange SEI to any other coin. Because with the help of this site you will get exactly 100 SEI regardless of any amount you had before that.

Get test 100 SEI

2. Go to the website https://sei-app.vercel.app/. Log in (preferably through the FIN wallet, there were no problems with it) -> specify the desired name -> press the arrow.

.sei Name Service on SEI by Space ID

3. In the new tab, select the number of years -> click Register -> confirm the transaction. A transaction requires 3-5 SEI or more.

SEI domain name registration

SEI’s .sei Name Service Overall Score:

  • Estimated time to complete: 2-5 minutes.
  • Costs: 3-7 SEI (test).
  • Difficulty: EASY.

My rating is 8/10, Very easy and user friendly domain project. Good cooperation with the strong SPACE ID project. Therefore, it is worth participating, given that it is now possible to get many test tokens quickly and easily. For those who actively pass all testnets and activities in SEI, it is worth passing.

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