SUI Quest 3: Game Projects

SUI Quest 3: Game Projects. A new quest from the SUI project. This time it will be necessary to play games and thereby earn points in order to get as high as possible in the leaderboard.

Distribution of prizes

Total prize pool: 5 million SUI tokens. 835,000 SUI are allocated to the top 10,000 in the rating. The remaining 4,165,000 SUI will be distributed among all those who take 10,001 places to 176,600. To claim the reward of 25 SUI, you must accumulate a minimum of 2500 points on your account and interact with at least 3 quests. There are 10 of them in total. 100 points are given for the first interaction with any quest, there are those that require a little sui, there are completely free.

Then you can create accounts and give yourself a referral to the main account. When a referral earns 2,500 points, the base receives an additional 800 points.


WARNING! Previously, an NFT (Bullshark or Capy) was required to participate in the event, now they have made it possible to replace the pass and participate in the event without investments.

Overview of tasks:

It’s easiest to score points in the game BUSHI, but for this you need a computer that can pull 6 launchers from the game at once, otherwise it will take many times longer. Connect 6 accounts on 1 server and kill ourselves. In 10 minutes, everyone can score 210 points. You can get a maximum of 1,500 points per 1 account from one application per day.

Also worth paying attention to is Arcade champion and Panzerdogs. These are mobile and free points games. You can abuse in two ways:

  • the first (optimal) is to download Bluestacks or another phone emulator application to the computer and install these applications there. After completing the tutorial and a couple of tasks, you will be able to bind the SUI wallet.
  • The second method (for those who only have a phone) is to delete the application every time after successfully linking the account, delete the entire cache with it and reinstall it.

If something is wrong with the apps above, you can also try to play Run Legends free game.

List of projects on SUI Quest 3: Game Projects

Or if you want to quickly participate in 1-2 quests, you can use Suilette or DESUFLIP. BUT BE CAREFUL as these are gambling projects, so use them only for 1 SUI. And ideally, by betting on different options from two accounts, so as not to lose anything (in case of dropping 0), in this way you can additionally activate the number of quests in which you participated.

I personally do not consider the rest of the applications as points.

Other relevant information and projects

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