Total Earnings and Summary: SUI Quest 3: Game Projects

Total Earnings and Summary: SUI Quest 3: Game Projects. Summary from 42+1 account.

So, the SUI Quest 3: Game Projects event ended on November 9 (10 at different times), but the prizes had to wait literally until the end of the month. It’s time to talk about the total income and the summary: SUI Quest 3: Game Projects.

You can collect rewards here:

Just a few days ago, the total number of “Projected Winners” was 215,000+ members. And this would mean that about 40,000 accounts that even scored at least 2,500 points and participated in testing at least 3 applications would not receive prizes. That’s why it was worth accumulating points on each account to at least 3400+ for confidence. However, there are only 164,120 winners left in today’s update. That is, ~51,000 participants who initially passed were disqualified due to cheating or other prohibited things.

My final result:

Main account:

Primary account

First about main account. I got 100 SUI on my main account. I sketched out all the rest of the information because I don’t want to show my data, because I might take it in the next quests so that I don’t get banned. As you can see, I received this amount for playing for 2-3 days and participating in various applications + inviting referrals from my links (I didn’t dare only 10-25 referrals).

The rest of the accounts:

The rest of the accounts

In total, I participated in the project with 42 accounts (except the base) and received 25 SUI for all of them. Not everyone is so lucky. Many have had farms banned, or some of those accounts. Participated in BUSHI, ARCADE CHAMPIONS, in some accs Panzerdogs, also tried on some accs Run Legends. And in those accounts where the third quest was not counted or did not count for some reason I tried Suilette.

Total 42*25 = 1050 SUI + main= 1150 SUI. At the selling rate, this is approximately $690

Therefore, I am completely satisfied with the participation in the quests, so I will look closely at the next quest, maybe I will participate.

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